That cup of Chai.. <3- for tea lovers

  I Love Chai. Simply for its color, the mild bitterness, the aroma, the warmth and calm disposition in a foam topped, cream crowned,  cozy tea-cup that tells me ” With me, you can do much better than you do already”. I had been an avid tea- drinker and a fan of caffeine for manyContinue reading “That cup of Chai.. <3- for tea lovers”

5 rules of RE-CLAMENG (reclaiming) -lost territory

Situations where the below rules can be applied office politics. Institutional politics. Cheated over money Shamed. Insulted. Ditched Lost influence Lost girl-friend Stolen boy-friend _________________________________________________________________ Yes. Tough time. But it’s not over. Not fully. You can  get back things*. Just play smart** and get those hurt feet back on the dance floor( With caution, protectionContinue reading “5 rules of RE-CLAMENG (reclaiming) -lost territory”

DESTINY-My tryst with temples, belief and the stars

_________________________________________________________________ “Just when you think you have understood life, life changes” _________________________________________________________________ “The worst things and best things in your life- they are unfortunately interlinked” ————————————————————————–   What  was the point of believing abstract things, I thought. People who got past me using dirty short cuts, people who used my favours, loud mouthed, gossiping doubleContinue reading “DESTINY-My tryst with temples, belief and the stars”

The Inside of performance- Interviews’ season

Now This was and is a season of anticipation, sudden increase in competition manifold, the final year and penultimate semester of Bachelors in Engineering. The campus recruitment fever was all dressed up to set itself on the campus soon with some people already having faced and emerging successfully out of the rather unpredictable process- GETTINGContinue reading “The Inside of performance- Interviews’ season”


Do not kill me, do not kill me It screamed What was the “it” will I now explain Born for one, born for that one alone Like a birthmark in my soul Birth tied me to the gravity Of my other half (or so I think/ So I thought for eighteen years) Somewhere where heContinue reading “The SOUL MATE”

The roots are brown ; wisdom knows no “early” nor “late”

She was in a year of limbo Nothing, not much at all Except musing and remusing The failures of yesteryears The wounds she could not forget Somebody, somebody, everybody advices her Do this, do that The worst part was that She was not listening to only one person’s advice: Hers Then the year of theContinue reading “The roots are brown ; wisdom knows no “early” nor “late””


_________________________________________________________________________________ Folks , this does not happen everywhere , with everyone . Still, IT HAPPENS ________________________________________________________________________________ Linked by blood, connected by culture. Whether or not the YOU of the generation “Y”,  identify yourself with the  customs and traditions of your ethnic community  or how much ever you run far away, in the end you willContinue reading “THE INDIAN “RELATIVE PROBLEM””

dialogue to the self and a monologue

______________________________________________________________________________ This is just  a piece of work using/ exploiting my internet space for some hearty indulgence. Open to suggestion. But I cannot improve this for this would be the last of its kind on the blog- roll. I am not much of an independent person or even a  person  yet.  I am just aContinue reading “dialogue to the self and a monologue”

Against Sexual violence- Yelling, sympathy, tears and Swearing- that is it?

“Don’t hit her” simple, it is not “Don’t hit her because she is a woman”. Try hitting MC Mary Kom.      The hospital is that way, yes, yes they do plastic surgery. “You got hit, that is a bad thing”. That is all. It is not “Oh shit! You got hit by a woman”. Whether youContinue reading “Against Sexual violence- Yelling, sympathy, tears and Swearing- that is it?”