Hush!!!! Professor! Professor!

  Vipin smilingly asked his colleague in the staff room,”He is younger and weaker than you. You are more powerful than him, then why do you have to assert it on him again, like everyday?Give it a break man, you are acting like you are back in college!” 21 year old Raj enrolled at anContinue reading “Hush!!!! Professor! Professor!”


A recent issue of Esquire magazine featured actor Tom Hanks being interviewed by actor and UN Goodwill ambassador for gender equality, Emma Watson. The discussion involved family, feminism and films. She put forth a question on the relatively poor screen space occupied by women in films (as of 2013 30% of all speaking characters) and the mereContinue reading “THE MODERN WOMAN’S FREEDOM”

That cup of Chai.. <3- for tea lovers

  I Love Chai. Simply for its color, the mild bitterness, the aroma, the warmth and calm disposition in a foam topped, cream crowned,  cozy tea-cup that tells me ” With me, you can do much better than you do already”. I had been an avid tea- drinker and a fan of caffeine for manyContinue reading “That cup of Chai.. <3- for tea lovers”

“Ads that totally “Nailed It” -2014- The Indian Commercial Scene”

Nescafe- The Stammering Standup Comedian When I watched this ad once again to  blog about it, I couldn’t help but help myself to some coffee (Nescafe instant blended with local coffee actually ). The commercial gradually reveals the standup comedian’s setbacks, perseverance, offbeat thought, persistence and the mild thread spins saying that can convert yourContinue reading ““Ads that totally “Nailed It” -2014- The Indian Commercial Scene””


“ AMONG ALL THOSE ENTITLED WITH THE RIGHT OF MAKING MISTAKES, DOCTORS, ENGINEERS and MOTORISTS  ARE NOT THE ONES “ “ Dear dad, I made a big mistake today. Much stupider than unexpected mistakes are those that are anticipated but overruled by over-confidence, I will never make them again” she wrote. The mistake was oneContinue reading “SCULPTOR OF THE JOURNEY-NO EXCUSE RIDER”