He who gave a helping hand North, South, West and East; Made a blunder To imagine that It would be remembered, even if  rewarded never To those with Values Old School The New world often throws A deafening slap Maiming not only faith yet Innocence along too He who swore; He would rather die thanContinue reading “DEATH OF INNOCENCE”

How do you face your “Unfair Life”..? – 27 ways to it

____________________________________________________________________________ “Nobody ever became an inspiration playing it comfortable and safe” God answers  all questions except :  “Why me?”. He will want you to figure it out by yourself. ________________________________________________________________________________ “God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; courage to change the things I can; and the wisdom to know the difference betweenContinue reading “How do you face your “Unfair Life”..? – 27 ways to it”

Heart murmur and troubles

That muscular labyrinthine organ That was named “the heart” The books of science of today Find that that muscular fist-size organ Sends more signals to The brain, than the brain to the heart Don’t I , a poor human know that Already for it has a magic bind, like a tracker That wherever my brainContinue reading “Heart murmur and troubles”

Pavi and Shru’s Day out- A journey in a loop

Deep in the soul when my day goes about the usual Somewhere in the corner embedded was a feeling A thought, a source where things Unseen flashed before like they were or would Happen now or soon or had happened Only that I did not see them with the same eyes as I see themContinue reading “Pavi and Shru’s Day out- A journey in a loop”

The Stillness within- Decoding the Signs of “DESTINY”

Disclaimer: I humbly disclose that the following are solely my personal individual opinions and I do not endorse them unless you feel they are worthy to follow or practice or even accept.- Shrutthi S. _________________________________________________________________________________________________ “Death is just one of the many ways you can lose your life. It is just one of the many.Continue reading “The Stillness within- Decoding the Signs of “DESTINY””


LOVE AND WHY WE have heard and read numerous poems and emotional verses about what we call “Romantic Love”. We have heard and seen families fall apart because of the ensuing battle of two people to live together or have also heard about their failure to keep up post-marital understanding and intimacy. Hence we concludeContinue reading “OH WHY LOVE MY LOVE..?? READ ON”