I grew my hair visibly longer with these products in two weeks

Disclaimer :Not a paid promotion I used these products in combination and saw  visible hair length results in 3 weeks. It took me a year & half to get from a short pixie crop to a shoulder length bob and I couldn’t wait to grow it out. Before I tell you how I got hereContinue reading “I grew my hair visibly longer with these products in two weeks”

6 ways to waste time and life- for women.

1. Tell people that the other person had it the easy way: An example : “She is able to do things because her parents take care of her kids” The world is too crowded for opportunity to waltz into anybody’s living room. No two woman’s challenges, capabilities or temperaments are same for obvious reasons. WeContinue reading “6 ways to waste time and life- for women.”

Do these 10 things that your future self will thank you for

Bluntly put, we will all die someday. And the obviously documented last thought most people will have is this : “I wish I had done…” or “Wish I had more time” Most things we regret not doing are not always backpacking up scenic locations- type of things or becoming a successful person. But its theContinue reading “Do these 10 things that your future self will thank you for”

Lessons from being around husband

He holds an MBA degree. But I don’t think all the skilfulness  comes from education. All through my years ,I read countless self help books and the only thing that happened was I helped authors get richer .Never in all my life I understood what was wrong with the way I dealt things. Well that isContinue reading “Lessons from being around husband”

A dangerously beautiful level of freedom

Murphy’s law. Most people wouldn’t have come across this particular law of events ( though not scientifically backed) until they watched Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar. I belonged to that category. What Murphy’s law actually means has different facets and versions but to sum it all up, it’s Murph Cooper’s line “It means something bad will happen” hinting the universe’s thermodynamic property ofContinue reading “A dangerously beautiful level of freedom”

The sinking ship of Democracy

___________________________________________________________________________________________ “Man is a social animal. He finds happiness in seeing everyone around him secure and happy. Because that means security for himself” “Problems and politics are as old as Human race is. But the instinct of identifying a problem and solving it is embedded in our genes, re-embossed again and again through evolution, weContinue reading “The sinking ship of Democracy”


He who gave a helping hand North, South, West and East; Made a blunder To imagine that It would be remembered, even if  rewarded never To those with Values Old School The New world often throws A deafening slap Maiming not only faith yet Innocence along too He who swore; He would rather die thanContinue reading “DEATH OF INNOCENCE”

Hush!!!! Professor! Professor!

  Vipin smilingly asked his colleague in the staff room,”He is younger and weaker than you. You are more powerful than him, then why do you have to assert it on him again, like everyday?Give it a break man, you are acting like you are back in college!” 21 year old Raj enrolled at anContinue reading “Hush!!!! Professor! Professor!”


A recent issue of Esquire magazine featured actor Tom Hanks being interviewed by actor and UN Goodwill ambassador for gender equality, Emma Watson. The discussion involved family, feminism and films. She put forth a question on the relatively poor screen space occupied by women in films (as of 2013 30% of all speaking characters) and the mereContinue reading “THE MODERN WOMAN’S FREEDOM”