Why do they swatch lipstick on hands? | finding the right makeup for smart shoppers

Everytime we look up ” Finding the right lipstick for my skin tone” we may have had one too many faux pas shopping lipsticks. I have more bad make-up decisions than my childhood toys.

Its harder to find the right nude lipstick than any other colour:

I hardly wore any lipstick all my life until nude lipsticks were a rage. You could wear them guilt free, daily. They accentuated your natural lips, and could go with any outfit or occassion.

After hopping on many shades, I realised that one that looks good on the shopping site doesn’t translate well on my face, because I have not tried it in person, it is either too dark or is exactly my skin tone hence making the lips invisible.

The reason why some lip colours don’t look good on us:

1) The color doesn’t compliment the lipshape. For a better understanding of lipshape and lipstick:

The Correct Way To Apply Lipstick For 6 Different Lip Shapes

2) There is a whole spectrum of shades of the same color that would and would not look great on you. Warmer lipstick colours are less impressive on cooler skin tones and cooler lip colours are less flattering on warmer skin tones and it took me years to understand that, no. It took only one YouTube video linked below.

For more skin tone and undertone wisdom visit French designer Justine Laconte’s YouTube video on the same topic.

3) Uneven toned lips because of too much product use or too little cleansing of the skin on lips or even chapped lips. This can vary the lipstick result greatly

4) Buying them randomly online or under store lighting and not trying them in natural light.

Now, why swatch on hands?why not anywhere else?

1) The inner side of the arm is almost the same tone as your face. When you don’t have time or a mirror to try on makeup before buying it’s best to try them on the inner side of your arm. This would reflect how lip products or eyeliner Colors would look against the skin on your face.

2)Most experts recommend swatching lipsticks on your own hand than watching some youtuber do it on theirs before buying. If you are buying online, be sure to try brands that offer precise Virtual makeup options. There are brands with apps that reflect very less on how their color cosmetics look in sunlight or with multiple coats. Buy in stores for the first time and if it works for you, you can restock them online.

Finally, lets crunch some numbers for some smart shopping:

Women throw away an average of 5800 unused beauty products in their lifetime amounting to €180000 probably the result of bad shopping. I bet most of them should be Color cosmetics and lipsticks should be at the top. This is not the case for minimalists who only wear makeup for occassions.

Aveda is the first beauty product manufacturer to offer 100% clean packaging using a bioplastic called post-consumer recycled polyethylene  This is such a welcome gesture because both plastic AND GLASS take too long to decompose.

Lipstick market or lipmakeup market to be precise, is valued at $9.2 billion as of 2018 and is expected to grow at 6.6% per year, thanks to social media influence, growing image consciousness, e-commerce and a wide range of products maybe, lip stains and lip powders, what not!

Women between ages 20-30 are the largest consumers of lipstick. Probably because this is when career, social and family life actually kick starts and peaks. Studies show we are becoming increasingly image conscious, normalising cosmetics and skin care like it is vital, which is partly good for confidence and a globalised culture but which also means more consumerism, more waste and a market that could easily get saturated, products that can be easily duplicated.

Accidentally or by daily use, the average woman who wears lipstick ( twice daily) most days of her week is expected to eat or consume 4 – 9lbs or 2 to 4.08 kilos of lipstick in her lifetime which also predisposes her to a lot of heavy metals.

Companies that offer all natural makeup: https://www.thegoodtrade.com/features/18-natural-organic-makeup-brands-your-face-will-love-you-for

Studies show that consumers are slowly shifting to environmentally conscious brands because they resonate with their personal values. Smart and conscious consumerism is the need of the hour today because it’s not just the oceans that are getting dumped but our smaller water bodies as well. When reservoirs that domestically supply water to our homes are polluted, we would begin experiencing first hand the effects of our choices.

( There is a river behind my apartment that has stopped flowing because of all the trash it brings from inside the city??

Shop smartly.

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