I grew my hair visibly longer with these products in two weeks

Disclaimer :Not a paid promotion

I used these products in combination and saw  visible hair length results in 3 weeks. It took me a year & half to get from a short pixie crop to a shoulder length bob and I couldn’t wait to grow it out.

Before I tell you how I got here because of these products that I was rather sceptical about, here are some hair facts I wish somebody told me:

  1. Early to bed and early to rise affects cortisol and adrenaline levels and hence hair growth. You can’t grow back hair just because someone else did if you can’t reduce these hormones in blood stream.
  2. Popping vitamins alone without blood work/test done without a balanced but happy, loveable diet can cause more harm than hairgrowth.
  3. If your body alkalinity-acidity isn’t in balance and if your gut is unable to digest your nutrients, you are going down the wrong road.
  4. If you are chronically worried or stressed about something in life any number of ingestible and external products aren’t going to help.
  5. If you are chronically exposed to artificial light, WiFi and mobile radiation and if you sleep with your bedcovers covering your face and hence low oxygen, cut out the hair growth idea from your head.
  6. Using the wrong drugstore products when you have plant based alternatives can change and damage follicles ( the mother bulb of hair) beyond repair

I didn’t believe in eating wrong food but depending on external products to grow hair but watching some people eat all the junk food they want but still having great hair and swearing by their special oils or shampoo got me thinking.

Is there some magic product that keeps tresses permanently fine for some people while they go on their wild eating spree?

Well… It’s both a yes and no. The answer lies in body chemistry. Some people’s hormones and inflammation levels are all under safe levels, hence they don’t seem too bothered by what goes in or out. But that luck may run out anytime. A fairly good diet and good scalp care regime seem the key in growing and maintaining locks,

Vedix and Biotique for long hair Vedix & Biotique both claim using pure ayurvedic formulations. Vedix puts you on a quiz to find which formula is perfect for you. You could be vata, pitta or kapha dominant or could have combination imbalance. It takes about a week to ship these to your location.

My pack was formulated for vata- pitta ( which was accurate diagnosis) and I could see my hair becoming more lush long( in ages). Biotique conditioner helped soften and protect as Vedix doesn’t give you a post shower conditioner. Vedix serum was night use and hence Biotique serum in the day time. Vedix oil-shampoo-serum-breakday-oil-shampoo routine was indeed worth the money.

Whilst Biotique is relatively affordable Vedix has what looks to be loyal promising genuine customer reviews so I couldn’t think of it as a hoax so I decided to get a one month pack.

🍀#Biotique  seakelp hair conditioner -120ml ( 4.06 FL.oz)

🍀Biotique mountain ebony  vitalizing serum 120ml ( 4.06 FL.oz)

🍂 VEDIX KHOOB anti hairfall oil customised for me- Vata-pitta100ml ( 3.38 FL.Oz)

🍂VEDIX KHOOB hair regrowth serum

🍂VEDIX KHOOB anti hairfall shampoo – 100 ml( 3.38 fl.oz)

Price breakdown: Vedix package of oil, shampoo and night serum- ₹1699 ( 24 dollars)

Biotique conditioner -₹135 ( around 2$) Biotique  serum that I used as day serum – ₹185 ( 2.66 $) The 1 month Vedix pack lasted me 2 months when used in alternative combination with Biotique conditioner and serum. Verdict : despite the price, worth the money & use Vedix with biotique if you want package to last longer.

Buy here : https://www.nykaa.com/brands/biotique/hair-care/c/5758

Take the vedix quiz here : https://vedix.com/

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