6 ways to waste time and life- for women.

Photograph by Aishwarya Shakthi1. Tell people that the other person had it the easy way:

An example : “She is able to do things because her parents take care of her kids”

The world is too crowded for opportunity to waltz into anybody’s living room.

No two woman’s challenges, capabilities or temperaments are same for obvious reasons. We constantly compare our challenges and accomplishments with others. The best way to waste your capabilities and your time alive is assuming the role of a spectator to everyone’s failures and successes and keeping others in line while not focussing on yourself. Excuses are no way to live life.

2.Blame life and the people around :

Example : “They ruined my opportunity”

This is the foolproof way to let life end not having achieved any peace or success : giving other people, however important the power to decide what must happen in your life.

Life isn’t fair, not for most people. Even being born into successful families
will have its own challenges. Most
people’s lives look easy because they make it look that way.

3.Laughing at others while making a joke of the self:

Example : “Alice may have got a promotion but she looks like a terminally-ill person”

The easiest way to get higher than others for sadists is bringing another down so they can stand tall. Finding potholes in other aspects of a person’s family life or appearance or finances to make their other successes look small is a reflection of an inability to appreciate others. If people only find that you have bad things to say, they will eventually stay away from you.This superficial superiority is a way human subtle and passive aggressiveness shows itself Continue doing this by assuming it’s normal and life genuinely will
run out before they even realise it.

4.Collecting intimate information about others:

Example: “Alice diets, hence she lost her baby weight” ( like we know everything that goes on)

“Great minds discuss ideas, mediocre minds discuss people”

The core of the gossip culture is nosing into others lives while pretentiously looking indifferent . Gossip is so normal that “gossip show” is now a thing in the showbiz.

Any information that doesn’t directly or indirectly translate as benefit is trash for the brain. And is definitely no stuff of a useful conversation. When we assume nobody gets successful the straight way, neither can we, because we think it’s impossible. It only reflects on the inability to look at life positively or find anything worthwhile to talk about.With a mindset as this, doubt, frustration, blame mentality and sabotaged relationships will be all that it leaves.

5.Following others pursuits:

Example : “She started doing this, so I will too”

There is nothing wrong in finding inspiration from other people but if someone is always on your trail, it’s not a healthy thing, for them. Some people don’t start doing anything until they see you doing it. This is partly because they set no personal goals. Their life is mostly about happenings in other people’s lives. These are ways an empty heart fills itself. Some women compete with everyone they meet and all their pursuits are short lived.

Seasonal pursuits are like flings than like committed relationships.
They are too occupied with staying ahead of the crowd than figuring out a path of their own.People can take care of their lives. You must take care of yours.

6.Character assassinating the lead runner:

Example : “She neglects her family, husband and children, hence she finds time”

“Slander is the final tool of the loser” goes a saying. What better way to stop another’s growth than to paint their character badly?. Slander may initially work but will ultimately end up destroying the very person who uses it. No sane or happy person has slander for breakfast.
Cant succeed? Try harder than getting hard on criticism. Most people don’t want to hear useless information.

The more often you bring people down, the more people will stand in your way when you try to succeed.

Pave a self motivated path irrespective of other women. The strongest women find no reason to compete and judge.

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