Do these 10 things that your future self will thank you for

Bluntly put, we will all die someday. And the obviously documented last thought most people will have is this : “I wish I had done…” or “Wish I had more time

Most things we regret not doing are not always backpacking up scenic locations- type of things or becoming a successful person. But its the little things that we strive to change or get done everyday. Things like rising early, working out, eating healthy ,being on time and may be managing anger or ceasing the habit of hurting your mom/husband/wife or may be your own self.

These are the top ten things I learnt (by years of failing and procrastinating) to tweak my regular brain and body into functioning more efficiently, so that I have more time and resource to bridge dreams and reality. Because there will come a point where you care more about what you think about yourself and stop giving thought to what others think anymore. Why? Because deathbed is all you can think about.

1)Learn things from everyday routine and cross-utilize the skill

Putting what you learn from the text-book into real life isn’t easy. But it isn’t impossible or impractical either. I am a mom of a fussy toddler and have no choice but to be ultra-efficient in the shortest amount of time. For moms, the deadline challenges don’t come in standard packages. Since you NEED the skill, you automatically acquire it.

You don’t need literature backed proof(or an online course) to learn a life skill.  For example, I skim-read and the most relevant information possible on google, on grocery packs, on telephone bills, application forms etc. I ask the most relevant questions to people instead of playing ring-around-the -rosie  (With politeness of course). You can learn first-hand by experience to do any humble daily thing and the results are definitely measurable if you pay keen attention. What fun is life if you don’t test yourself, right?

2. Take rest seriously.

Your body is your home and there is no double. You can’t do what you want if you are unwell physically or mentally. Rest is not necessarily always sleep, nor is it a pocket draining holiday. Rest comes with rest-like options.

Meditation/ sleep/ reading or just lying down watching the ceiling or songs in your play-list can significantly affect your energy levels and help you be resilient. Try not to do anything else while you rest. Rest keeps you sane. And nobody is going to nominate you for the rest-free hard-worker award. Rest keeps you sane.Rest to live. Spread the word.

3. Eat right, treat yourself often but with discipline.

Give power to yourself to decide what is right or wrong for you. Nobody needs to tell you that, because you know where to limit yourself and what to do because you know your body better and you care about your body. Yes you do! Keep such affirmations alive everyday. Don’t punish your body for every single thing that upsets your mood.

Eating right by tweaking your everyday regular meals by swapping healthier alternatives is for your body and treating yourself with whatever you like (in the least harmful proportion) is for your mind. Disciplining what you eat is mostly : “Eating a quarter only of what you normally eat or drink and eating only once what you normally binge everyday. This topic shall be elaborated soon! In the meantime you can look here. For healthy food inspirations, favorites here:

4. Don’t react to drama.

Don’t react to anybody’s emotional drama unless you love them. If you love them, help them feel better. If they love you back, it will eventually settle. Even if they don’t love you back, things will settle anyway. Jokes apart, that is how people’s minds work.

5. Incorporate exercise into everyday routine.

Didn’t say EXERCISE ROUTINE. Its Exercise into everyday routine if you don’t have time or patience to exercise (though its best to). Like for example I shed 18 post baby kilos (39 lbs) by being around my baby, carrying him around for half the day, stopping him from bumping or falling, sweeping, mopping, scrubbing, running up and down the stairs and doing the dishes with little healthy tweaks to food of course, lack of sleep helped but is not recommended.


6. Find the shortest way to do everything, except rest of course.

Build your entire routine around finding the maximum possible time to rest. Going bottom-up works for me. For example before I start cooking, I set the table first. Then I prioritize on what should arrive first at the table . Working bottom up puts the final result in clear perspective. You know what the end- result should look like so you know where to start and map the steps accordingly.

That means fitting all deadlines and finishing them faster and smarter. That will give you the satisfaction of getting things done and will help beat depression and procrastination. Do give it a try. Keep track of the time and reward yourself each time you finish a deadline. For ex: “That is a great job John, you are ready for office today in just 20 minutes! This is way too good!”

7. Spend time alone everyday, a standard ONE hour may be unless you have a crying infant.

Long story short : Helps your personality, goals and motivation stay consistent.It helps you forgive people and retrospect your actions and come to terms with reality. It also helps you be more self-reliant than turning to someone and getting a botched, biased perspective.

8. Take challenges sportively. LITERALLY

Its Okay! to be behind schedule. It’s okay to do something wrong today that you did right yesterday. Try again. It is all about the probability of being an expert than being an expert and not failing at all, hence not learning what causes failure. Do not take failures and embarassments too personally. People treat people only the way they “think” others are. You only fall as hard as you high as you think you are. So think again. Get better each day. Forget what others opine. You never know! They may not be thinking about you at all.

9. Have a plan B. Blame nobody.Not even yourself.

Makeup washed away in rain? Sport a smokey eye with the smudged liner. Improvise. The world is not for the PERFECT but for the RESILIENT. Times change and those who can see the silver lining, almost always find a way.

10. Dress well. Look Good. Feel Good.


No matter how many “Open-mindedness” “Non-judgmental”  workshops people attend, they will always judge you by the way you look. It’s not just about good clothing. It’s about warmness and disposition and those come only with confidence. And confidence only comes when you see yourself for who you are, with all your flaws and are still confident that your positives will buy you a place in the world. Feel good first. The rest will follow. Isn’t that what growing up is about? Isn’t that what precedes success?

Have a great day!








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