The sinking ship of Democracy


Man is a social animal. He finds happiness in seeing everyone around him secure and happy. Because that means security for himself”

“Problems and politics are as old as Human race is. But the instinct of identifying a problem and solving it is embedded in our genes, re-embossed again and again through evolution, we WILL find a way- some day. Survival is in our genetics”


He kept shouting. Placards kept hovering over his head. He kept shouting for people who wouldn’t care or wouldn’t risk it. He knew he was risking his life but he kept shouting anyway”.

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Decades ago, the Garden of Eden or Noah’s Ark seemed the most distant things to relate to reality. Those entities associated with religion were chased to and stayed in books due to the lashes of scepticism and lack of currently existing proof. Today we have another Noah’s Ark, rather an Ark that is sinking- the ship of DEMOCRACY with FAITH on board. True democracy too has been chased to only text books and people’s debate on TV shows everyday (Even TRP ratings might be falling because everyone is getting bored!… yawn!!!!) . Everybody gives their opinion. Nothing changes. Had Noah seen what humanity and its existence was to become, he would have let the deluge take humans saving only the animals on board.



We agree with votes. We would also like to vote for EVERY BILL passed as we vote for EVERY candidate…. sounds uncomfortable enough for some?.. sounds distant to me.”


Democracy is participatory politics- How participatory is your democracy?….Mmm not much. Your participation starts and ends with the pressing of that Ballot button. Even if it was a rigged one ( Disclaimer: So they say!!!)democracy

We had wars, we had revolutions. We had Sati and female feticide abolished and celebrated it too long in our text books while the world kept changing in its own Pace- A very fast one bringing wrong practices with it. Today there is not an intellectual quarrel or a debate on ideologies. But the debate on the denial of the basic.

  1. Freedom of speech- curbed- (call you anti-national and that would suffice)
  2. Lack of personal safety
  3. Food insecurity
  4. water

One might say, excuse me.. Water? you are being denied water?. Yes. Water in a country that has 3200 major, minor dams and barrages?. Well….. Yes. A country that boasts of its space program whilst desalination plants seem light years away?. Yes. Aadhaar cards became mandatory, so did ration cards, nobody told you not to depend on supplied water but stock and recycle water through rain water harvest?. No. Why?? Because if they did, the next election manifesto cannot be “Clean drinking water to every household.”

You possess meat and get killed for it while you rape a woman and get away with it. India is a country of many standards. Many, many. You have a problem with connectivity on your newly released free SIM card while where is the guarantee of my safety whilst I walk on road? Media encourages people to be bold enough to sexually abuse and traffic humans and yet you keep denying it. Oh why? Because primary and secondary industries would be ruined?

Okay, forget that.

Pro- Hindu, pro-minority, communist, socialist, globalist, privatised, demonetised, Gandhian, Pro-Dalit, anti-reservation, feminist, pro-transgender, anti-gender bias, whatever the ideology, finally they could not secure the basic to the people- Where the heck is my WATER?

The list of flaws is so big it would seem the biggest of  flaws to list them in the first place. So, we see very obviously that the availability of VOTING efficacy is not the right measure of DEMOCRACY. You have a problem with basic right denial and nobody is around to secure that? That isn’t what democracy defines itself as, “By the people, FOR the people?”  For which people? For anybody who finds the “O” in democracy is hollow and escapes through it with anything?

When the voted and chosen people’s representative himself just kills the NATIONALIST ideology by turning two different LINGUISTIC (not even ETHNIC) groups against one another. Do you really think peace loving Bangaloreans burnt Tamil Nadu registered buses?… If you still think so. You are buying it.

The Thai Puratchi ( pro-Jallikattu protest) is a win for the people but a silent alarm for those in power and those who would want to be in power. If the people do not stay as awake as they were or are distressed and distracted by water, safety and food issues, it may be made sure nothing of that scale ever threatens the system of governance today.

What can be done?


“Comrade….. do you think we do not know something is not right?….Ignore it!!! Save yourself the trouble!”


Nothing of politics or crime is my problem until something pricks me and my everyday life. After that we automatically become cynical citizens to whom GRAVE INJUSTICE has been done. So if you live in a country , are given a national TAG, an ethnic TAG, an identity and all you have to do is live everyday with the fear that something may happen to you or your family and property someday anytime, it isn’t worth the vote nor the shout.


Un-shackling yourself

Exercising our given rights fully and being sustainable is the first duty you do to yourself rather than rise in rebellion. For rebellion need not always be loud and big. Question everything before you buy or use something. Try growing a small amount of your own food. Save water, harvest rain , break a sweat for it, for you can’t drink bank cash. Fit yourself a UPS system. Try home remedies.Use environment friendly natural cleaners like ash. Do not always depend on processed and semi-processed food, buy local produce rather than from posh super-markets. Teach your kids to find everything except phones and electronic screens interesting. Buy them a pet. Defend your ideologies where you have to.Be connected with your locals, discuss, make friends, expand your circle, keep demanding things from your local administrative board. Discuss, discuss, discuss with family. Keep asking questions, until the major public debate one day becomes- Is the colour yellow or red that boosts happiness and peace. Even if that would be a century away. Demonetisation must have taught us that money isn’t the most safest thing you can leave your kids, anything can change during their time.

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Charity begins at home. So does an Utopian future. 

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