He who gave a helping hand

North, South, West and East;

Made a blunder

To imagine that

It would be remembered, even if  rewarded never

To those with Values Old School

The New world often throws

A deafening slap

Maiming not only faith yet Innocence along too

He who swore;

He would rather die than betray

Often dies than survives by mere chance

Even if alive

What dies in him is

Innocence and faith that ever good deeds at the least

Reach those who need what we call

‘A helping Hand’

With a family so dearly He holds

As His kingdom

And a kingdom He so dearly holds

As His family

Killing both dreams, zeal, love and freedom

With the same weapon of determination and wit

Once thought to hopefully help

Find new ways to conquer the world

Only to en-slave Himself

In the Act of Protecting

The innocent ones He has wanted to serve but

Never dreamt to serve so soon

He seals his heart in a trove

Sets it on a voyage

Across waters where the shore it finds

May never be His own

Knowing living a life without a Core

Is like living like the Inferi themselves

Does it matter?

When Good is protected? And the ones you love find asylum?

Sacrifice they call it awakens the true King

The true ruler in

All of us.

Counting he does over the days

He has to step and slip on

For one day may be right

To Weigh the balance right

To equate scores

To show

The meek are powerful

When rehabilitated

For lust and lustre  and barbaric disposition

May Seem the only protective armours

In a world teeming with

Thousands who live like the Inferi

Behind nothing

Throwing waste, Using both Friend and Foe alike

Seeking pleasure through heartless hunt

Call it the New World Way

Where they sculpt themselves not to Please

But rather sell themselves

Like slaves mistakenly seeing themselves as king

Where you have to be wrong to be right

And cruel to be ‘cool’

And Perverse  to be ‘dominant’

Unfortunately for them

There are some who agree

To disagree

And beg to differ

For the purpose of life

Lies mated for ever with kindness and self respect

Not many know it early enough

Until the same Deafening slap, awakens the unprotected

Child in them.


Refer: inferi :



Published by Shrutthi Shivaswamy Prabhakaran

Documenting unique people |Minimal living |Design harmony and other things that bother me

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