dialogue to the self and a monologue


This is just  a piece of work using/ exploiting my internet space for some hearty indulgence. Open to suggestion. But I cannot improve this for this would be the last of its kind on the blog- roll. I am not much of an independent person or even a  person  yet.  I am just a dying- to -do things 21 year old. This is not targeted at any specific person. Any such similarities are purely coincidental and brush them aside from your mind. It is about me and I strongly suggest  that you DO NOT to read on.


Do excuse me for using the blog space for my own personal interests. Just found no better way.


One or more things about you that people mistake greatly.

1) That I talk a lot. No I type a lot. I converse fluently , that is all.

2) People assume am too nice when I crack jokes and that I’m too serious when I walk stone faced in a public place. It’s okay. It’s your mind and my mistake for not making myself clear. 🙂

Do you have a great passion to write and become a writer?

Nope. I just love expressing, blowing the vent out. Getting a message forth in noticeable sentences. I’d just want to be economically independent and socially outgoing and interact with lots of people throughout my life, teach what I have learnt and learn loads.

Any ability that you would buy for a big deal of money?

Good kung-fu, visual learning (I am an auditory learner). An ability to speak at the least 5 foreign languages fluently.

Where there is food there you are, why would that be?

1) I love sitting, eating and talking with light-hearted and like-minded people. 2) I am always hungry 3) I like the ambience of my college cafeteria.

Avid Novel reader?

Novel Reader. Not avid. I do not have a big collection. I take long to finish a novel because of having to juggle between works. I thank people for their novel lending, gifts and donations.

If you had the choice to completely write your future down how would that look like?


I would travel far and independently (even if it is within my district),  meet new people, go to plenty of events (Not weddings and parties). Get a DSLR camera , take plenty of pictures with monochrome filters and click sunlit objects, go to two or three Shakespearean and contemporary theatre plays, probably take a fair good amount of selfies, learn to interpret maps well, write travel notes, buy lots of little souvenirs (particularly accessories) give attention and time to new people who need help, make friends, feel life. Come back home, publish things I’d like to say before I die. Become completely vegan and  green organic foodie , save some animals from being slaughtered. Research on opportunities probably establish a  sustainable business in a friendly ecosystem with a few good friends. Become a success story in a magazine. Have plenty of money to donate and spend on kids’ education. Live a life where I do not have to waste time hating and fearing people. If I can write a memoir, write it.  Campaign life long on the benefits of organic living and unconventional learning, visit schools, give guest lectures . Retire.

An ability of yours that you feel has deteriorated or vanished?

Capability to get things done at the neck of the moment. Being rigid on nutrition supplements.

People you cannot forgive?

Now should I really forgive them ?

Why and how do you think seriously  about college life?

( You should !!!). Just realized how much time has rolled by not doing pretty much anything and how little time I actually have left.


It will become downhill once it goes up the head. It makes sense as long as it does some good to you and people around you. And its purpose must die with tat. It must be fun and not invite trouble.

Any humour sense? 

I think you should talk to my friends. 🙂

Favourite reads?

Specific Biographies on Wikipedia, magazines and interviews.

Thoughts abut platonic relationships?

Necessary for a healthy out-going personality who does not have to compromise his or her morality nor miss a healthy interaction to learn things. Break away from old barriers without being called disgusting.

Food cravings?

Largely dependant on mood swings. There is a big list though I do try to stay on track.

Philosophy on life : Swim  against the current or go with the flow?

Go with the flow but always be conscious of what you would normally say “no” to. Know where to take a detour and where to stand hard like a rock.

Why do you have the reputation of writing and talking like an old person?

Old people are stereotyped with being philosophical. People with sensitive natures and turbulent childhoods , turbulent lives are normally philosophical. Next thing, my influence on thinking about life from a weird/ not usual angle unconsciously springs from a very brave woman’s presence, my mother and some besties who have always talked about life ever since school. They are still with me. By the way, what is the harm?, why should everybody do the same thing when we have everybody pushing our youth to “THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX”? Huh?. “BUILD YOUR OWN UNIQUENESS”, perhaps this is all I am good at.

Are you an outright orthodox feminist?

I do not think so. Some of the most irritating people in my life are women and almost all of my mentors are men and am not too gender conscious about this or gender conscious throughout the day. But when I hear or read about abuses and gender issues, I get naturally angrily inclined. I don’t want the same thing happening to me or the women I know. It is always “She for She” and “He for She”. Women do not need saving.

Why do you think and act like a big woman who has done something big already (which you haven’t)?

1) I got tired of being a girl 2) I definitely want to be a woman who defines herself clearly in every big decision of her life and has it “HER” way.

Are you too harsh or orthodox or attention seeking?

People are orthodox about religion at the cost of friendships, relationships and lives of others no matter how well educated they get. A good friend suddenly sounds like a religious fanatic. Is being me orthodoxly such a huge crime?. I do not think I target people (mostly) I only point out the actions. Most often I do not say it at their face at all. I guess I should change that.

Attention seeking.. well… If I was.. I would do it  better with “me” centered in my  actions. I centre my beliefs  but yes I do enjoy healthy attention, I think most people do.

 BTW,Why this kind of a blog post?

1) I am too bored with doing anything the usual way when you can always see a good alternative. 2) I think everybody must ask themselves some common questions people ask them on account of their weirdness and explain with your head high even if it is not a lengthy Facebook post (suppose I do not have a tomorrow), everybody must think of themselves as a socially responsible celebrity and have a fun some healthy self-esteem when you have moral integrity (only when one has moral integrity).

What is missing in the country’s youth in your opinion?

(WOWWIEE QUESTION!! : I could be wrong)

1)The ability to distinguish between fantasized desires and real passionate ambitions ( I was a victim of this mindset).

2)Planning ahead .

3)Setting objectives and policies for life, lack of boldness in  explaining why you did something.

4)When things go wrong, most people start thinking like everybody else .Worse they start thinking yester-year and quit they lack the pride of being in the youth years, ending every energy burst with the usual stuff but yes you cannot expect everybody to be rebellious and fiery as some.

5)Lack of persistence , lack of “This is what I want”, lack of “I should not advice others too much” attitude and a hell a lot of herd mentality is prevalent. There are plenty of people who are amazing but it would be nicer if a lot more people  joined the “amazing” crowd.

Your definition of style when it comes to the wardrobe?

Having a lot of you in your makeover and wardrobe than just a lot inside the wardrobe. Never doing something because everybody says its cool or because everybody does it.

Vintage or contemporary?tumblr_m6jku8XZua1qcezph

Vintage or fusion. I feel  vintage styles had a sense of belongingness and authenticity .

A girl’s biggest gifts?

Knowing where to transit borders and be flexible being quick to learn and being persuasive. Being a little charming rather than attractive. Being clever, confident, loving and witty. Knowing to tell a boy from a man.

Cuteness and girlishness?

I’d save that reserve for one person, not everybody.


Views on love?

images (1)

The Soul-mate thing. ( can’t pick people who only  think they fit me well). The “I can feel it” thing. The only thing I’d believe even if it is abstract and has no scientific base.


There is equal amount of reason to believe and not to believe. I would say., I really do not know.

Who are DIFFERENT people?

People who can’t change their good selves even if it is doing them no good. People who can be the same person in the face of praise and insult.

Hate people who?

Have contradictory personalities. Who think they know somebody better than the somebody.

Women you admire and look upto?

I admire MC Mary Kom’s life (It’s full of steely grit). Lots of NGO workers, amazing women around me,  J.K Rowling (mostly because of her persistence and resilience),  Parineeti Chopra, Sandra Bullock, Julia Roberts and Emma Watson , women who are comfortable in their own skin and bold without letting go of womanliness and self-esteem (and they are simple with a large fan following, producing great  work).

 Favorite  epic /historic woman characters of great personality and admiration?

Sita, Mandodari (ravana’s wife), Draupadi, Joan of Arc (God I love her), Shahrazad (spinner of the Arabian Nights stories). Anne Frank and lots more.


Two of my professors who are also my mentors, Steve Paul Jobs, key political figures of the 20th century, Nikola Tesla and Albert Einstein.

Something that makes you read on the internet.

Psychology, cancer, movie reviews, management and commerce jargon, start-ups, success stories.

Movie genres?

Thriller, action ( Not the weapons kind something like premium rush), Science fiction that is not the usual, espionage and archaeological themes, biographies.


English crime series (always and everafter)  and some Hindhi campus-based series.

If anybody thought you are amazing?

If I felt the same about you, you better not be my friend or my brother 🙂 🙂 🙂

Otherwise you are absolutely wrong but thanks for the support.

If anybody thought you are good wife material?

Are you sure your family would feel the same way? huh? and Do I feel you are good husband material?

Finally : Why did I do this?

1) I haven’t blogged in a long time, I didn’t find a good category.

2) For the fun of an interview (God do I love those!)

(awaiting my favorite critics)

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  1. I visualized u kiddo, and BTW u have good sense of writing meant improved a lot. I smiled wondered respected and gave a thinking . Again a good one from you. 👍


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