Against Sexual violence- Yelling, sympathy, tears and Swearing- that is it?

Iraqi Freedom

“Don’t hit her” simple, it is not “Don’t hit her because she is a woman”. Try hitting MC Mary Kom.      The hospital is that way, yes, yes they do plastic surgery.

“You got hit, that is a bad thing”. That is all. It is not “Oh shit! You got hit by a woman”. Whether you get hit by a car or by a bike, you are still in “THE-HIT-AND-RUN” case category.


“Mera Bhai!!! who moral polices what young boys do in Browsing Centres?. Who moral polices bar –fights? Who shuts down their pig-like faces at the corner of the street when a lone woman passes by? why do you only target women who are not clad in dupatta?. Now are you going to arrest me for what I said? People will burn things on the street , you will have another line of something like KISS-OF-LOVE CAMPAIGNS…ready for that?”

“Teach her schools and colleges, to punch if necessarily fatally, give her right to have revenge if possible legalise revenge”.


Rape is not a crime against a woman. It is a foolish crime that makes you think you are more dominant than another human victim in flesh and blood.

Disclaimer : The following article is not intended at promoting violence against rapists. If I had intended that I would have done better.

Protests , mass-protests, self-immolation have changed history. Yet we need to take a look at what has changed and how?

just this?
just this?

Presenting you with a hypothesis. Let us consider the Russian revolution(1917 ), the Indian Independence Movement( circa 1945), the Arab Spring (2010). All were against a visible, all powerful but tangible enemy. We do not exactly fight people in war or  in debates. We fight beliefs, we fight ideas, dogmas.  All these revolutionary mass up-risings (even instances of civil war) were against HIERARCHY, or against something that was wrong with a CENTRAL but VISIBLE dogma. Easily fought, both sides with visible retaliation measures, matters settled, usually the people’s side wins. They realize the power of the mass to overthrow anarchy or whatsoever that is unjust.


But protests are a reaction to another malady, “social evil”. Rapes, infanticides, dowry deaths, prompted suicides, hate speeches,  etc , many incidents of which are either half or ill reported but we still take up the banner and placard, why? Something has scalded our blood and we feel a sudden urge to do something about it. Protest. Nothing inherently wrong. But do we care whether or not a day spent in the hot sun waving banners ever made a difference?. Hardly. Not just in our country, in many places across the globe , protests have become mere news events, just a vent of pent-up anger. Enough media coverage, enough banners, enough noise, enough people . Enough police watching over or resisting, arresting,  job done. Protest well done but where is the change?.

Everybody has to return back to their normal lives after a mass-protest. The perpetrators of crime or any “evil” reclaim their territory once the noise dies down. In the wake of Nirbhaya’s rape (it had been gruesome, gruesome to the core, but both the people and the government reacted partially because it was sensational news, sensitive) people, men and women alike took their anger to the streets, blamed the government. Yes the government is responsible for not checking violent PORNOGRAPHIC film trade and downloads. But it is mostly the shadow market, according to men it is just another step after a “drunken relaxedness”, the government is responsible for delayed justice. But is only the government responsible?. When a mass uprising of people against a single powerful yet visible enemy can overturn contemporary events and bring change , WHAT ARE WE, UNITS OF MASS UPRISINGS DOING TO PREVENT ALL THE VILENESS AND DARKNESS LURKING IN OUR MINDS, HOMES , SCHOOLS, COLLEGES and STREETS?.

Yes, that is the point I was getting at. Some social evils are not the responsibility of the government. We let them grow, we are letting them grow. The evil is in our proximity and we may very well stop pelting stones at the parliament and start gathering some for our “vulnerable” women and children. Statistics reveal that sexual or physical abuse and molestation to any number of the victims usually came from people “THEY ALREADY KNOW”. We already know them, but do not know if they are “the predator”.

The Westerners were pioneers in pornographic film production and trade. But we do not have such large reports of sexual violence as much as we hear about in India. This is a massive shame to a nation that boasts of revering women, oh where exactly was I revered ever since I was born?. Even women themselves do not revere women. Yes we know that, we know what evil mother-in-laws do . Lots of Indian soap operas show us that, don’t they?.

The problem of extreme of sexual violence springs from two things: 1)longstanding portrayal of women as WEAK or WHO NEED PROTECTION, that is not making them any protected, that is just making them more attractively vulnerable.

2) You are a girl. Behave that way. Which shame bearing mother teaches her son the true sign of a man?. Excuse me drugs, girls, alcohol?. Does any all girl party boast of drugs, boys and alcohol? If they do, they become targets of MORAL POLICING, “literally.” My country’s constitution is over shadowed repeatedly by non-democratic ideals. You only police women to safeguard “Culture”. Nobody moral polices men. Or hardly. why?

3) Yet again to say, books and authors have shown that linking sensational newspaper portrayals of suicides have had a direct but silent impact on suicide rates in areas where the news was read. Simply put, if a person who would normally not commit crime but is not morally inclined reads repeatedly or hears about rapes and violence , he sub-consciously becomes inclined to do the same thing

4) They don’t just victimize women. They portray women in paintings, articles as somebody who needs to be saved. I have a question to ask you, are you stupid?. When you know you can’t be around to protect them all the time, why do you  not ask them to PROTECT THEMSELVES?. Women are not made of flesh and bone (mostly bone is not considered by rapists) alone, they are not secret carriers of chastity alone. They are not wrapped up presents for quenching sexual thirsts. Women can kill, acid, shoot and burn just like you can.

Why do we keep portraying women in the WEAK LIGHT?. Forget that, we have Arab countries where women are asked to strictly follow rules and keep up dignity. There too she is the inhabitant of the kitchen and baby-sitter of her children, in developed Arab countries women come out and go with families. They too are painted in DEPENDANT or WEAK LIGHT but sexual violence cases?

Why?. The most shameless and brainless mistake we do in the wake of a rape incident is, we paint her the victim. We look at her pathetically. We blame her for walking alone. We blame her for uploading photos on the internet. WE blame her for responding to lewd and vulgar comments (Vulgar is funny or trendy for some bastards and I am not ashamed to say it). WE blame her for turning down a marriage proposal. We blame her her her her. Never Him why?????.

I write this as a pent up vent take for what is burning in me since late childhood. Every time when I hear another sister melted down in acid, burnt in flames, bloody and unclothed on the road –side, another moral policed. Parents, blame parents first. Fearing society you make her the victim of the same society. You cannot monitor men or boys who go out to the streets with enough money to get drunk and get phones and slick T-shirts. You don’t raise gentlemen. You don’t teach your men to be heroes in moment of need. You don’t teach your daughter how to protect herself. How to be deadly.

he -for-she has never been so much needed than now,
he -for-she has never been so much needed than now,

How many laws say? “Death for violent rape?”, “Acid for acid?”. Will nothing change until women get as bloody, brutal, vile and demonic against the sex wanting males (not men) roaming streets in coloured clothes looking for the perfect vulnerable victim?. Change humanity. Change. And who says India is poor? We are feeding fatted up criminals and to-be criminals. Our buying power is increasing. But surviving powers? Down Down like many other things. Which legion of angels is going to avenge them?. Hidden in each one of you who can shed a tear. The world will change. It will.

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