“Ads that totally “Nailed It” -2014- The Indian Commercial Scene”

Nescafe- The Stammering Standup Comedian


When I watched this ad once again to  blog about it, I couldn’t help but help myself to some coffee (Nescafe instant blended with local coffee actually ). The commercial gradually reveals the standup comedian’s setbacks, perseverance, offbeat thought, persistence and the mild thread spins saying that can convert your very setback into your trademark, your unique brand to the palate of the audience. In the commercial he says “ Coffee kept me going”. Brilliant it was to draw a link between coffee and stand-up comedy. “You don’t have to be perfect to be too good”.


Bajaj Avenger- Feel like God


This commercial isn’t just for bike and motor lovers alone. Definitely it is not. For a person like me, who from childhood felt bikes are not as fascinating as they are thought to be this was an opinion- churner at that. This is not just about what the cruise bike can do, it is about what it makes you feel like. What say you? He forgives his father, He forgives women ( one woman for not marrying him apparently), He forgives his barber, He forgives his boss, He forgives the government for the bad roads and his past, ‘coz He feels like GOD.  Manliness, deliberate acceptance of setbacks, stylishness without over doing it, not linking bikes with babes, vintage-like contemporariness, the Ad appeals to WANNA-BE-KINGS of the road and good commercial lovers alike. The BGM nails it. Way to go. Review forums go all praise about the commercial:http://www.mouthshut.com/product-reviews/Bajaj-Avenger-I-feel-Like-God-commercial-reviews-925051802


Amazon Kindle Paperwhite- The Joy of Reading


The website named “Creativity” describes the commercial: “This Uplifting Amazon Kindle Ad Totally Nails the ‘Joy of Reading’.” “Spot Filmed in Sri Lanka Tells the Story of a Journey to a Remote Island”. Passionate music adheres itself to the theme and visual of the commercial so much that more than just thinking of buying  E-reader Kindle Paperwhite from Amazon, I downloaded the BGM and the ad because it was too appealing, central with the job loving lonesome traveler who undergoes various emotions whilst reading as he travels on a plane, a train, a bus, a boat onwards to get the story delivered elsewhere to children. The joy of reading and delivering and highlighting the efficiency and portability of the E-reader, The ad agency Leo Burnett India strikes a chord.


 Samsung Galaxy Note 4- Dad and Daughter

And  who says modern day dads who do presentations and hit board-meetings can never have a cool head and spend time with their sweet daughter princess?. This cool dad does cup-cake sweet things for his daughter, packs her up to school, spends time with her there and still manages to conjure up a presentation at his daughter’s school with what he finds around him. Cool dad indeed. Boys must learn from him.

I could not find a suitable captionable pic so check out the link on youtube if you haven’t watched the commercial:



Carlton Luggages- The new face of business


With tons of start-ups, under- thirty business owners with huge turnover companies and aspiring entrepreneurs in the economic grounds of the country, this commercial of an overseas brand does not fail to make an impact. “Business is not about age or experience, Business is about packing your ideas”. Yes indeed and they packed it with zeal and silent expertise. “Carlton appeals to the new generation business leader.” writes http://www.bestmediainfo.com


Idea – IIN:


He did not read how to do it, he learnt how to make it. The boy does not get successful the conventional way. But conventional success deems him an achiever through his efforts. “The eggs do come flying dad”.He makes an UAV/ drone simply by learning from the internet and proves his worth to his otherwise skeptical businessman father.


With the changing scenario in commercial (visual-ad) grounds the ones that catch the eye and remain in memory are those that get through the boredom and “Not-believe-worthy” skepticism and make the audience like the product so much that they remember it. The ones that make the mark are those which do not over do it  being offbeat yet manage an emotional connect with the audience  without looking silly. This year has seen a renaissance in the field of advertising and marketing without faux-stylish run-o-the mill themes. Way to go indeed dear advertising agencies.


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