The Stillness within- Decoding the Signs of “DESTINY”

Disclaimer: I humbly disclose that the following are solely my personal individual opinions and I do not endorse them unless you feel they are worthy to follow or practice or even accept.- Shrutthi S.


Death is just one of the many ways you can lose your life. It is just one of the many. One more is living a life dictated only by existing beliefs without finding a path of your own, that is not “REVOLTING”, that is called “LOSING YOUR LIFE”.

“All wisdom springs in those who have suffered enough pain and  those who have experimented too much and analyzed equally much, such are the people who make up quotes you read on the internet”.

“Indeed Tom, your failure to understand that there are things much worse than death has always been your greatest weakness”-  Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore, Order of Merlin, First Class. (Courtesy of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, Page 718).


ask yourself repeatedly, until life answers back … WHY


For some death is the biggest thing to fear about. They live for themselves. Some fear loss of loved ones, they live for them. Some fear dying without finding any meaning in their lives, some fear living without finding any meaning at all. People of this kind are those who have endured all kinds of fear including those mentioned above.

“You call somebody “Too Good” or “Too bad” judging only upon their interaction with you , it means you know the world very less.“Life is not fair, simple” said Bill Gates. It does not mean you have to get heartless and give up on every virtue you have treasured and join the lot. It means you have to retreat, within yourself like a serpent retreating into its hole and understand why you are here, who  you are with reference to the people and events around you, in family, society and beyond, understand what sets you apart, listen to that voice in your head that pushes you in definite specific directions and move on. Suddenly all the world will make sense to you. Limitations, failures, heartbreaks they would seem like planned events in life pushing or pointing towards something. Something that ties them all up and decodes their mysteries, something that makes sense of every happening in your life, something that makes you feel isolated from the rest of the world (in a good way )though there are threads of bond spinning away from you to the people and things you love and care for.

“Knowing has always been different from realizing”.

“That which is taught has been always different from that which is learnt”.

“Fight not your life, for the Universe truly is not your enemy, whatsoever”.

“You are never too young to be spiritual (not religious, spiritual) or to be learned.”

Travel within your mind, there are interesting things, an entire world.

Your signs of destiny can be often so encrypted by events and confusions that you perhaps are the only soul to make sense of it . Do not let anybody make sense of your life, trust me. Wise and good people do not tell you what your life is about. They will tell you what LIFE is about, what “YOUR LIFE IS ABOUT” they will let you figure it out by yourself. Because you were born alone and will die alone. It is your right and duty to walk your lonesome path yet free yet loved. Words are the body only, their meaning puts soul into them. In fact in the journey of finding yourself, you should get lost inside your mind, you should explore all its labyrinths in silence and understand everything, both prominent and hidden. Then you should also find a way out of your mind. And let that path stay. For future journeys and references. Your mind is where you dwell, not in places where you think “This is what other people think, I’ll be like them but I’ll pretend to be different”.  You will not die a satisfied person. Nothing can satisfy you better than living as yourself, wanting nothing but happy with that which is RIGHT.

Figure out your own rhythm

We all are tied by tiny invisible threads of the universe. Some refer it to the “DOMINO EFFECT”, every event or happening sets off a series of happenings. So every decision you take, every action you do will affect those around you in big or small ways. So how do you know what to do and what to choose? Wise people would say “You will feel like it, in here”. Yes that place that houses that soft thumping organ, that space that holds your heart, simply you can feel it in your heart. This is right. And surprisingly, the brain and its logic will not oppose and resist. They will seem to be in balance and in harmony. You will feel you need NOBODY else’s consent, NOBODY’s. That is your higher calling. “The Gut feeling”. It hardly fails, you would have known it yourself, so go  ahead yet move with caution and always retreat when necessary.

IN there.............
IN there………….

This state of BALANCE is a sign you will soon understand the meaning of your life. The reason why you were born into this family, this geographical location, into this body, the reason why you went to this Kindergarten school, educated at a particular college, the reason why you won and lost certain battles. That moment which binds and ties all the events of your life and you feel no bloody need to explain yourself to the world and you feel an unfailing silence and hysteria(silent hysteria) better off calling it “INNER PEACE”, that moment will unfold your destiny.

First life will prepare you for it, the thing called “DESTINY”. If you were a passionate and emotional person who never let go of the smallest or biggest things, if you were somebody who did things once you felt them to be right, no matter what the consequence, if you have lived a life of solidarity and isolation even when you were really with people and you have harmed very few people(animals included) in your path of life so far, well this is your calling. Nobody would need to tell you where to go, you will figure it by yourself. Still there are challenges, there will be. You should not be obsessed by the concept of DESTINY and regard yourself as very special, accept the truth. If you die tomorrow, it won’t matter much to the universe as much as a fly dying. Death is death no matter who dies unless he is leaving back some legacy for others to learn and benefit from. So be ready for anything ahead. So far the journey had been good. But staying in balance is essential. For you can go rocketing in the wrong direction if you get “OBSESSESED WITH ONE PERSON OR THING” like James Redfield says in his book “THE CELESTINE PROPHECY”. Other than moments of perfect passionate work towards what you want, you should be able to come back to a normal life instead of going lane to lane advertising you are in “YOUR HIGHEST POTENTIAL”. If you do and if your depending and demanding from others, YOU ARE BEING WRONG. Accepting you are and you were wrong and being completely flexible to learning and completely practicing PATIENCE and full  TOLERANCE become inevitable.

Those who want to come with you, naturally will. Do not wait too long.

You will stop expecting things eventually, so when good things happen you can truly feel their aura and when bad things do, you will learn and move on. You will know that who are meant to come with you will. You will not use the excuse of “Possessiveness or jealousy”. Those who are MEANT TO COME WITH YOU…. “WILL”, on their own, with your little effort. This stage is not the stage of a hermit or sage as we are taught (and you are never too young to be one), it is a stage in The AWAKENING PROCESS that few are lucky enough to experience. You may also experience abandoning food addictions by yourself and eat and sleep in balance, you will begin taking care of your body( WHO ELSE WILL HELP YOU DO ALL YOUR WORK?).You will also talk when necessary, retreat into silence when there is nothing to talk to.You will apologize when necessary. You will not beg people to understand you. You will not act false. You will not take material losses too hard. Simply put, “The list of the things you fear will shrink to a surprising proportion”. You will let things happen, watching them both as The Master and as The Student.You will take both positive and negative criticism positively. You will know yet when to OFFEND when necessary.Some people need and deserve it, yes.

This stage will not come easily to those who only rely heavily on facts. Because their mind is wired in such a way that without attestation from somebody else, it would take and act upon nothing, such is the unfortunate fact . Read enough, modify when necessary, take walks and shop like a normal person, inside you will feel different but and you will know it.

when the student is ready, the teacher appears
when the student is ready, the teacher appears

Any bit of arrogance and ego must be burst to smithereens, by you of course. Remember that nobody’s an angel. That would not be “Being humble” or “Anti-Biblical” but the truth. Angels do not exist in human form amongst us, (they are a different kind). Not amongst us wanting and living the life like every other human. Getting a high on life like that is not a miracle, many people experience it. Just not in big numbers to be prominent. It’s a process , a stage in human life. Some who are lucky enough go through it. Many happen to be people “Who proudly wear their heart on their sleeves”( Quoted from Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix)”. Hold on when you have to. Let go when you have to. Do not stomp the ground and bat the floor like an infant that life was not fair, we have crossed stages of infancy, we do not want to be doing that all over again. Do not blame anybody for your misfortunes openly, neither praise in the open. Instead work towards what scriptures long preached, “DESTINY”. P.S. hurt nor destroy no good heart in the process, do not take other people’s decisions, do not demand understanding from people. You do not need alms.  Do not destroy emotions, just pack them at the bottom of your heart, wait for the right time”.

within the stillness of your heart
within the stillness of your heart

One more thing,  “Do not be afraid to be W  E   I  R  D”.

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