onward bound responsibility
onward bound responsibility


“ Dear dad, I made a big mistake today. Much stupider than unexpected mistakes are those that are anticipated but overruled by over-confidence, I will never make them again” she wrote. The mistake was one during parking. The unexpected arena of riding mistakes- PARKING.

A professor once said to me “God has gifted you with good senses, limbs, a healthy body, a stable mind, good parents, food, good clothes, education, air and water, and good friends in fact all this  more than necessary. What more do you want from life? Want more?, work for it”.

With all the good senses, an entire system, blood stream, chemo-electrical nerve relays, chemicals, millions of neurons and   6X10 27   atoms  working in your favor, never make a mistake especially not on the road, NOT WITH A MACHINE YOU CALL “VEHICLE”


Miles bound-miles of bond/ PC:  Kingsly Livingston
Miles bound-miles of bond/ PC: Kingsly Livingston

They are more than just transit systems, more than just carriers. “Machine” one would call them. Machines are reliable, at least more than most people, be it your mobile phone or your car or bread toaster. Humans conceive of them, design and assemble them. Machines ask for nothing but some input and minimal care and a place to call theirs, a location. People change even with simple, everyday circumstances, they get greedy, they act out of character, machines do not.  People breakdown often unpredictably Machines don’t, if they do, we don’t keep them.

No excuses, not in this place called THE ROAD. No excuse no matter what, in fact there should not be. Human beings can sense any event seconds before they actually happen say studies revealing on the human nature of event prediction. Just that our senses are actually sharper than we think. Well then the chance events on the road are quiet predictable. Any driver would know either this or that would happen. So you cannot really say “I did not anticipate an accident”, you should have, if you had, you  may (may) have been able to predict it and perhaps prevent it especially if it had been  your fault. On the road, “I was careless”, “I was disturbed by something else”, “I got scared”, “I took a call”, “I lost balance”, “I got diverted”, “I was late”, NOTHING, NOTHING CAN EVER BE AN EXCUSE. Its not an arena of excuses. Once over is over, smaller or bigger the damage, individual or mutual/collateral  damage, if it was one person getting hurt or many, its still a serious mistake, a grave one. Like they say “If you cannot handle the challenges on the road, DON’T GET ON TO IT.” There are already plenty of idiots on the road, YOU NEEDN’T BE ONE OF THEM.

Anything that happens to us, anything that we think or do, everything begins in the small 1260 cu cm volume space called the head or specifically, the brain. So the way you react to your surroundings, the stimuli, the events everything is a conscious and controllable impulse that begins as tiny chemo-electrical signals and chemical-compounds in your brain. Simply put, you can control yourself no matter in what situation, you can also control the machine you are supposed to be in control with.

  • the prefrontal cortex of the brain analyses the tracking to the destination
  • the right lateral prefrontal cortex senses unexpected features like obstacles
  • the anterior prefrontal cortex plans diversions, decision making
  • the hippocampus plans the initial route
  • The retrolensial cortex sees expected landmarks etc.brain wiring for navigation

So by nature we are wired to navigate, search routes, find our way home, tackle obstacles etc. So by no excuse a driver should ever try to excuse himself from his mistake. No way, when he has the resources in his brain with all the senses adding up to his advantage. Every emotion , feeling, quality originates in the brain and can be simulated by practice before actually getting on the road like military simulative drills before the actual battlefield.

A clever man once said “ Think of all the worst possible scenarios you will have to deal with before you step out of your home, make a mind map of how you would solve them or handle them then nothing would surprise you and you will have an added advantage in facing them, that is not pessimistic thinking, its probabilistic calculation”.

Once on to or into  you your transit buddy- your vehicle, just like your hands and head, he or she becomes an extension of your conscious body, a part of you.Like the “Tsaheylu” bond between the rider and the Ikran in “AVATAR”, a conscious bond between them.  Think that way and you will not fail the MACHINE nor yourself. No excuses after a GRAVE mistake on the road, I mean who is going to listen to them?

the bond
the bond

The movie Premium Rush demonstrates the bike messenger  protagonist Wilee calculate in seconds as to which  right path he has to take on a busy street. He predicts the outcome of each path transit before seconds of choosing and executing the decision. Though difficult to apply, its not a bad and impossible strategy.

Google images/premium rush
Google images/premium rush

They say nothing in this world can be truly yours, not the case with vehicles, they are yours and belong to you fully. You become completely responsible for every mile covered, every fortune, misfortune, every weather travelled through, every happy or unhappy moment, every slow and speeding journey, every landscape transit without putting your foot down on the path, they are yours and yours always. A buddy for a journey within the journey of life- Not an ordinary buddy, they are your first buddy.

Google image courtesy
Google image courtesy: Joseph Gordon Levitt/ Premium rush

It is said a true motorist respects the rules of riding and driving, of the road and off the road he cares and respects his transit partner. A human bond between a human and a machine. A loyal one.  For the true rider he/she is not a symbol of pride alone, he/she is not for showing off arrogance, he/she is a symbol of the rider’s spirit, for the passion of travel, a solitary getaway planner slow or fast, to a destination near or far, a bond that can never be defiled by unfaithfulness. A wordless communication that perhaps lasts a lifetime. A true rider rectifies his or her mistakes even before they become evident on the road. Its love of perfection. It’s respect for life on the road, mutual respect between fellow motorists, a respect for the peaceful need of society. A true motorist does not show off often, he showcases skill only when necessary. Riding/driving is testimony to the statement that WE DO HAVE CONTROL OVER MANY THINGS IN LIFE. We do.
PC and in the Picture: Kingsly Livingston- Rider Passion

“I promise as long as I remain conscious, I will never ever make a mistake that way dad, never ever, see you tomorrow” penning these down, she shut the journal.

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